Heist Crew Members are minor characters in Grand Theft Auto V who may be hired by the protagonists to assist during most Heist missions. First Uploaded: August 29, 2020 Last Updated: August 29, 2020 Last Downloaded: 2 minutes ago One of the first heists introduced in GTA Online, the Prison Break isn’t really a heist. One of the crazier highlights of this act is the use of a specialized hover car to hack data off a boat and airplane. The Doomsday Heist is the biggest in all of GTA Online and GTA 5. While some pay out massively, others are simply not worth the effort. Related: Red Dead Redemption 2's UFO Is Another GTA 5 Connection Clue. Strategy Guide. After Patrick, Chef is the next best option for heists. Grand Theft Auto 5 Guide. Best crew for Diamond Casino Heist. Published Oct. 10, 2013, ... choose the best crew possible. Support Crew Gunman. Unfortunately for Trevor, though, similar to the Merryweather Heist, he doesn’t make the sale and has to escape from the cops in the end. A heist that has a better payout for actually doing it solo is fundamentally broken. There are currently 7 heists in GTA Online and 5 heists in GTA V's story mode. Complete a Heist anytime between December 18 – 20 (if GTA Online community steal $100 million or more) And with that, you should now know everything about the Cayo Perico missions for GTA. The concept of this is interesting, but the execution can be frustrating for anyone not playing with friends due to the escape being done via plane. The Merryweather Heist in Grand Theft Auto 5 involved stealing a nuclear weapon from the ocean and supposedly selling it to the Chinese, according to Lester. Making money in GTA Online has become easier with the amount of businesses added. Best crew for Diamond Casino Heist. Some may not even be that profitable, but they are a way to encourage strategy and teamwork in GTA Online, which could be hard to come by if players aren’t going into heists with people they know. This is a heist where you do not need to add any additional crew to your team as the entire heist will be done by the three main characters of GTA 5. After watching the cut scene you are in control of Michael. Act 1 is lengthy with 3 prep and setup missions, but they can be relatively easy to do. On hard difficulty, GTA Online players can earn a maximum potential take of $3.6mil if diamonds are taken and a minimum potential take of $2.3mil if cash is taken. The player also gets to choose the crew for the heist, with cheaper crew members generally having bad stats and more expensive crew members having good stats. What seems like an easy job on paper turns to be a battle between the three protagonists and the army. This act is longer and can be more difficult, involving many prep and setup missions. Series A Funding is a fairly simple four-person GTA Online heist that involves stealing drugs from various gangs such as the Ballas, Vagos, and The Lost MC. If players choose wisely, they can get a total take of nearly $5mil with Michael making $1.2mil and Franklin getting just under $300k. Special vehicles make another appearance, with submarine cars being the star for Act 2. GTA Online's heists form the backbone of the game's economy, with players recently proving this by smashing Rockstar's heist challenge and stealing over GTA $1 trillion! Next: GTA 5's Music Creates An Obvious Continuity Problem. The player is given the option of playing it smart and strategizing or just walk into the jewelry store loud and dumb. Here's a quick rundown of the 5 most profitable heists from lowest to highest before GTA Online's Cayo Perico update. You start with a maximum possible score of $8,016,020, however the structure of the mission means there is an unavoidable GTA$ 20,000 loss. After completing Act 3 players can walk away with payout of $1.5mil. Bonuses can also be given if challenges are completed. Drive directly to the FIB building. GTA Online's heists are a good source of income for players. 12 months ago. Act 3 serves as the conclusion of the Doomsday Heist. Archived. Your support crew for the Diamond Casino Heist consists of a gunman, driver, and hacker. As Trevor states, Sandy Shores is filled with dirty cops with connections and money to protect, so it makes sense that they would send every unit possible to stop a potential bank robbery. If the firefighter approach is taken, a shooter crew member can die if their stats are low. The Rockstar Newswire description for the Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online reads: Set-up Cost - Arcade (One time investment) - ­$1,235,000 - $4,082,500. However, while some heists pay out massively, others are simply not worth the effort. Players can choose how they do this heist, with “aggressive,” “silent and sneaky,” and “The Big Con” being the three method options. GunmanChester McCoy (10% cut)Gustavo Mota (9% cut)Patrick McCreary (8% cut)Charlie Reed (7% cut)Karl Abolaji (5% cut) DriverChester McCoy (10% cut)Eddie Toh (9% cut)Taliana Martinez (7% cut)Zach Nelson (6% cut)Karim Denz (5% cut) With Cayo Perico being a completely new part of the GTA V map, one could wonder if this a hint at what GTA 6 could be, or if Rockstar is just trolling fans. Go as fast as you can. What could possibly be a solo heist experience for GTA Online, players may not have to worry about relying on stranger teammates to a get a heist done. The fourth heist done in GTA 5's story mode, the Bureau Raid is the heist that has the worst payout, other than the Merryweather Heist. The very first heist in Grand Theft Auto V players have full control over, the Jewelry Store Job involves Michael getting back into the game in order repay Martin Madrazo. The Activity list has been updated for the new Cayo Perico Heist! ... Grand Theft Auto Online - Rockstar's ongoing ever expanding multiplayer system, introduced by Grand Theft Auto V. 836k. As a two-person heist, The Fleeca Job involves robbing a bank. The prep missions are relatively short, with players only needing to steal and protect an armored vehicle needed for the heist. The Prison Break heist requires a crew of four and will cost $40,000 to set-up. The first heist ever released for GTA Online, The Fleeca Job is somewhat similar to the first main story heist, The Jewelry Store Job. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. While the success of online heists tends to rely on other players, the success of story mode heists relies on the individual player’s decisions. The Rockstar Newswire description for The Doomsday Heist in GTA Online reads: Set-up Cost - Act I: $65,000, Act II: $95,000, Act III: $120,000. What would be the point in inviting more people? Once the heist is complete, the normal payout is $540k divided among the players. This heist involves breaking into a lab ran by Merryweather and stealing important data. These heists allowed players to decide between two different methods and pick crew members based on the player’s preference. However, because the sale would’ve likely led to GTA 5's main characters getting hunted down and killed by the government, all three protagonists walked away from this heist without a single penny. You could take Gustavo Mota along as the most expensive gunman, but don't take anyone else. The Sims 4: Snowy Escape - How to Reset Lifestyles, How GTA 6's Setting Will Influence Its Radio Stations & Music, Fortnite: How to Unlock The Mandalorian Skin (Season 5), Why Revendreth Is One Of The Best World of Warcraft Zones Ever, Do Assassin's Creed Valhalla's Decisions Actually Matter, How to Defeat Leofrith in Assassin's Creed Valhalla (Boss Guide), Where to Find the Infested Vagabond in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Also to make the heist easier, the players should gather all the intel before launching the main mission. The final story mode heist in GTA V, The Big Score, or “The Big One” as the protagonists call it, involve the gang robbing the Union Depository of four tons worth of gold. While heists are a reliable source of money, not all heists are born equal. Players are tasked with things such as rescue, theft, and stopping a mega AI from taking over all of humanity. One difference between GTA 5's story mode heists and online heists is how gameplay can be affected. Bryson is a graduate of Texas Christian University's Liberal Arts program with a Bachelor of Arts in Writing. While the heists may be difficult to get done if players aren’t able to play with friends, and the payouts for some may not be worth the amount of time it takes to prep, the heists allow for players to get away from the normal online mayhem and experience a taste of story. PC. These basically determine the difficulty level of the heist itself. This time players are sent to stop rogue Russians from potentially causing World War III. Players can get max payout of $505k when doing the heist on Hard difficulty. This Grand Theft Auto heist involves Michael and Franklin breaking into the Federal Bureau. All three methods have their own special prep missions and levels of difficulty. Now most of the people you’d ask would say that you need the best crew out there, but I disagree. The only part that requires another player is the heist itself, where a door must be opened simultaneously with two keycards. Recruit A Crew. For Grand Theft Auto V on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Best crew choice for jewelry heist? Choices during robberies. For the first time since 2013, GTA Online has left the mainland. (Spoilers)" - Page 2. Find your team and make that GTA$$! The Grand Theft Auto series has always been about chaos, mayhem, making money, and spending it on expensive toys. Act 2 is a continuation of the Doomsday story. With the introduction of a new heist in GTA Online, let’s look at all of the current heists in GTA 5 and see which one is the best. All heists have three potential payouts based on difficulty, with easy difficulty gaining the least amount of money and hard difficulty gaining the most. So first of all, the most important thing about the Grand Theft Auto 5 first heist is choosing your crew. The best choices for the best payouts are: Hacker - Rickie Lukens (4%) Gunman - Daryl Johns (6%) Driver - Taliana Martinez (5%) Choosing cost-effecting members won't make much of a difference for the heist. HELP. For the third heist, the Paleto Score, you lose money every time you or one of your crew is shot in the back. In both approaches, the getaway vehicle can be late if the driver has low stats as well. Players should be careful about who they pick for their crew, as a driver can get arrested or die in the mission. Posted by. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. This page of the guide to Grand Theft Auto V has a walkthrough for mission 65 - Architect's Plan.Our GTA 5 guide explains how to infiltrate the construction site, where to find the architect, how to get the blueprints file and plan the attack on the Bureau.. Mission 65 - Architect's Plan general information; Mission 65 - Architect's Plan full walkthrough In terms of story mode, while the heists are a big part of monetary gain, the in-game stock market is where the big money is at. Her weakest skill is vehicle choice which is only average (but which has no effect on gameplay, since in The Bureau Raid her choice of vehicle allows for a clean getaway, and in The Big Score her vehicle is assigned). Chef isn't really needed for the best heist reward IF you've had Patrick McReary from the first heist and onward. The new update dropped on December 15 and introduced a new heist, as well as an assortment of new vehicles, weapons, and radio stations. Bryson J. Lewis is a writer, editor, reader, gamer, sports, and anime fan based in Dallas, Texas. Players have something to look forward to with the new Cayo Perico heist and the new island that comes with it. There is a known Casino Heist glitch that make the heist a lot easier to complete. To unlock Packie as a heist crew … ... You'll learn when to select a type of a given heist in GTA 5 and what are the differences depending on who you hire for the job. Heist Crew - Hire from Lester's office in his factory. In the end, all three protagonists can get a max take of $44mil, the most of any heist in the entire game. These are a lot stronger than the Bugstars crew, they will be wearing smart suits with balaclavas. Their initial plan may’ve went south, but the heists ends up being a success, with all three protagonists walking away with potentially up to $463k. Out of the 12 total heists in all of GTA V, only one can reign supreme. Choices and endings. What was a good idea and take in theory turned into a voided heist that would’ve gotten Trevor, Michael, and Franklin in deep government trouble had they gone through with it until the end. Players are once again guided by Lester and Paige from the main story. While Michael’s portion of payout goes to the FIB, Franklin can earn up to around $242k. The gist of this is that you want to use the cheapest crew available for each heist, unless one of the crew that you want for the last mission would get killed on that heist. The GTA Online description of Humane Raid reads: Payout : ­$270,000 (Easy), ­$540,000 (Normal), ­$675,000 (Hard). He will perform the same as the others but costs less money. Despite it being the first online heist, The Fleeca Job does showcase some character development from Lester and potential main story heist crew member Paige. And assuming that at least the nightclub is needed so you can start the Cayo Perico storyline, a new player basically only needs roughly 4 millions to get access to the best paying heist, that can be done solo. This heist really isn't about the cash. The Cayo Perico Heist takes players to a private island off the coast that plays host to elegiac drug lord El … Click the button below to start this article in quick view. A heist crew member will cost $5000 each. Related: Will Grand Theft Auto V Support Cross-Play On PS5 & Xbox Series X. The GTA Online Heist description of Series A reads: Payout : ­$202,000 (Easy), ­$404,000 (Normal), ­$505,000 (Hard). Play GTA 5's stock market right and all three protagonists can become billionaires, however, online players seemed to jump past that during the $100 Billion Heist Challenge in GTA Online. A four-person heist in GTA Online, the Humane Labs Raid is another Grand Theft Auto heist that seemed interesting in theory with execution that can be rocky with the wrong crew. There are various special vehicles the player will obtain and maneuver throughout the various prep and setup missions. They have the same cut percentage, but if you've had Patrick since the jewel heist he will have better stats than Chef. Taliana has excellent driving skills and composure. Luckily for GTA 5's protagonists, they were prepared to go to war, with heavy duty armor and a minigun at their disposal. Despite her very good skills, her heist cut is only 5%, which makes her a perfect choice as a getaway driver. The method and crew members chosen determined the effectiveness of each heist and how much money could be made in the end. Heists aren’t the only way to make money in GTA 5. This heist feels like a story mode mission, with players picking NPC crew members and being able to do the prep missions solo. GTA Online's heists form the backbone of the game's economy, with players recently proving this by smashing Rockstar's heist challenge and stealing over GTA $1 trillion!. The subtle approach requires five crew members, whereas the obvious approach only requires four. Choosing a bad driver to save money can lead to that driver picking the wrong vehicle for the getaway, while choosing a bad shooter can lead to them dying during a heist and taking a piece of the final cut due to a casualty fee. Should the wrong person pilot the plane and crash, the mission will fail, and players will have to start all over. Packie McCreary is the best option for your Gunman. GTA 5 - The Bureau Raid - Fire Crew Approach Take an in-depth look at how to handle The Bureau Raid in Grand Theft Auto 5. Players can choose to take a subtle or obvious approach. At the hardest difficulty, players can earn a total payout of around $143,750 which is the lowest out of any heist. Not only does this GTA heist have a lot of preparation to it, it also involves skydiving out of a helicopter to get to the lab, and quite a bit of teamwork, such as simultaneously unlocking a door with another player. The story mode heists were so popular that heists made their way into GTA Online, and Rockstar hasn’t looked back since. On the other hand, GTA Online heists can be hit or miss depending on who players team up with. Had the crew gone through with the sale, the total take would’ve been $20 million. What spawns in the heist is randomized, so players can try to get all four options by replaying the heist. Preparation is fairly easy but can be long and involves doing things such as stealing bikes from The Lost MC as well as stealing a convoy from Merryweather. Across all three acts Grand Theft Auto Online players can earn a total payout of around $3.2mil. No more unreliable teammates, just dedicated players and lots of GTA: Online cash. What’s stolen can also be different for each player with artwork, cash, gold, and diamonds being the potential heist items. On the Hard difficulty, GTA Online players can earn a total payout of $1.25mil. You will be using disguises to make your way in and out and shouldn't need any weapons. Finally, if players complete the entirety of the Doomsday Heist on hard difficulty with the same four players without losing any lives on setups and finales, they can earn upwards of $5.6mil. Therefore, you can choose KARL ABOLAJI who only takes 5% cut. However, that doesn’t take away from the online heists and the money that can be made from them. What makes this heist unique is that it is led by Trevor, who aims to sell the stolen drugs. A one-stop shop for all things video games. As the name suggests, this mission involves breaking someone out of prison. 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